About Us

Chiropractic Kinesiologists has been in the Healthcare Business for well over 30 years. We have been serving Wolcott and the State of Connecticut with patients coming from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and other New England States. Our practice is referral based as we do not advertise. We have treated thousands of patients and their families. Our clients range from Infants to Nonagenarians. We treat most conditions from A-Z.

Services offered at our clinic include:

Meridian Autonomic Testing

Massage Therapy
Whole Food Nutrition
Herbal Therapy
Neuro-Emotional Technique
Saliva/Stool Testing
Hair Analysis
Blood Work/ Urinalysis

Our Purification and Weight Loss Program is second to none. Today’s common problems are due to parasites, chemicals and metal poisoning, infections including bacteria, virus, and yeast. Diabetes is rampant and mental illness is on the rise. Obesity is costing billions of dollars per year. At Chiropractic Kinesiologists, we are dedicated to finding the cause of the condition and not just symptom relief. The path to Wellness begins with your first visit.

It will be our pleasure in optimizing Your Health!

Yours in Health,

-Chiropractic Kinesiologists

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