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M.A.T. equals a fusion of traditional disciplines with a blend of contemporary science. It is a blend of over thirty years experience in treating human with adverse health conditions.

A unique testing technique based on acupuncture points located on the surface of the body. The testing is non-invasive. These points relate to systems, organs, and glands and help to determine nutritional requirements based on Synergistic Whole Food Concentrates and Herbal Phytosynergists. Protocols are designed to support all metabolic functions. These designed nutritional protocols are unique for each individual. Reflexes are retested and progress can be monitored utilizing an organ pulsing technique.  We have had so many success stories we have lost count!  Not everybody is going to be a miracle but everybody can be a miracle!

Patient assessment includes links to structural, biochemical, and emotional faults. These are then treated with various techniques to bring the body into balance.

Common conditions presented to us in our clinic include but certainly not limited to: allergies, headaches, heavy metal toxicities, fatigue, digestive, hormonal, Musculoskeletal, stealth pathogens, and immune related problems.

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