Meridian Autonomic Testing Seminars are available for all licensed Health Care Professionals. Those include, but are not limited to: DC’s, MD’s, DO’s, LaC’s, ND’s, LMT’s, PhD’s, and Masters of Nutrition.

Speaking Schedule

SPRING 2018 MAT BASIC, Anti-Drug Awareness, + NuPRO Schedule: (Limited Schedule)

January 27-28– Burlington, MA – MAT BASIC (w/ Dr. Frank)

April 07-08- Wolcott, CT- MAT ADVANCED EVENT (limited space available) For more info see MAT ADVANCED tab on website

May- Wolcott, CT- Anti Drug Awareness Program Wolcott High School

May 19- Lexington, KY- Nutritional Protocols for Everyday Living: TBA

All professional seminars offer CEUS and are NCAAOM certified.  (The only exception are MAT ADVANCED seminars)

For more information regarding New England seminars and health professional registration visit:

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