Neuro-Emotional Technique

What is N.E.T?

Neuro-Emotional technique (N.E.T.) addresses the relationship between the patients emotional health, environmental toxicity, structural balance and nutritional homeostasis. N.E.T. helps to identify and release recurrent (stuck) emotional patterns. These are unresolved or imagined emotions “stings”. Finding the stuck memory link is done through simple muscle testing, using the acupuncture system as a basis for emotions such as fear, anger, grief, resentment and many more. These emotions stay with us long after the original event that caused them. By forming a mental picture of the triggering event, the body returns to the original emotion state. Then by having the patient contact the specific body point storing the emotion he releases the unresolved emotion linked to the event.

N.E.T. is safe, effective and instantly resolves long standing issues that have an emotional component.

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