Spring 2017:  November 04, 05

Chiropractic Kinesiologists Office
250 Wolcott Road
Wolcott, CT 06716

Saturday: Registration 8:30-9:00 am
Class 9 am-5:00 pm
Sunday: Class 9 am-1:00 pm

*RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY— Space is limited (only 10-12 health care practitioners)

M.A.T Advanced Seminar Content
1. Introducing M.A.T to your patients
2. Includes a complete M.A.T. BASIC Review
3. Screening to find if condition is emotional (homeopathic), nutritional, or structural
4. One on One personalized instruction
5. Mock patient testing with live actor(s)
6. “Clinical pearls”
7. How to convert an acute patient into a wellness patient
8. Determining exact dosage
9. Surrogate Testing
10. Scheduling follow up visits
11. “Prioritizing” nutrition
12. How to correlate Symptom Survey findings with reflexes
13. How to explain findings with reflexes
14. Encouraging referrals to family & friends
15. Introducing other techniques: Acupuncture, Emotional Release, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral-(Category Blocking)
16. Marketing a detoxification and weight loss program
17. How to run a nutritional shipping/ mailing business
18. How to build a lending library for your patients
19. Implementing forms for patient control
20. Ileocecal valve syndrome correction
21. Temporomandibular joint correction
22. Kidney flush reflex
23. Two touch reflexing
24. Correlating saliva and hair analysis tests
25. Become a certified M.A.T. practitioner – information listed on M.A.T referral database on M.A.T. web site
* Prerequisite- M.A.T. BASIC (1-day seminar or 2-day seminar)
*Lunch will be provided on Saturday

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