Dr Frank Cucolo

Dr. Frank Cucolo is a practicing chiropractor and nutritional expert with over 40+ years experience combining therapeutic nutrition with wholistic therapies. He is the co-founder of the Meridian Autonomic Testing Technique. Dr. Cucolo brings a unique integration of his knowledge of whole food nutrition with specific reflexes to determine nutritional protocols. Is there an emotional link to the condition, a simple biochemical imbalance, or is it a structural fault? Applying Manual Muscle Testing while combining Whole Foods with Herbal Synergists has helped develop Dr. Cucolo’s thriving practice into a referral juggernaut. His powerful 1-2 punch approach has benefited many and is most effective in today’s “toxic” environment.

Dr. Cucolo is a graduate of Los Angeles Chiropractic College and has continued his training through multiple post-graduate seminar techniques. He is certified in Contact Reflex Analysis and Acupuncture. He is well versed in Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique, and Energy Work. He has multiple TV/radio appearances. His private practice is in Wolcott, CT. In his free time he enjoys exercise, golf, and time with his family.

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